best love status in hindi 2021

Best Collection Love Status in Hindi 2021

In order to express your love to your spouse, loved one, or even to your friend you need to have a collection of the best possible love words. In this case, @ajquotes picks out the best love status in Hindi for you to show how you feel to your loved one.

Love either one-sided or two-sided demands to be felt and expressed. We have gathered here the best love status in Hindi so you can share these on your WhatsApp or Facebook and even upload it as your status to make your loved one feel special. This love status in Hindi will help you open up yourself and demonstrate your sentiments to your loved one.

best love status in hindi 2021
best love status in Hindi 2021

Express your loyalty, love, and purity of your feelings in an easy way by choosing these picks by @ajquotes. The words “I love you” will naturally come out while using these picks, claiming your emotions and giving them true meaning. People will understand you love them and the essence of your sentiments by hearing these special love status in Hindi. 


हमें आदत नहीं हर एक पे मर मिटने की,

तुझे में बात ही कुछ ऐसी थी दिल ने सोचने की मोहलत ना दी


मै उसको चाँद कह दू ये मुमकिन तो है,

मगर… लोग उसे रात भर देखें ये मुझे गवारा नहीं


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