Best Wasting Time Quotes 2021

Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time.

Victor Hugo

I’m not gonna waste your time, so I wouldn’t expect you to waste my time.

Terrell Owens

There’s no reason to waste time trying to prove who you are to people that don’t even know who they are.

Pastor YPJ

No point in wasting time with false vanity when you possess the real thing.

Alan Bradley

What fools call wasting time is most often the best investment.     

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Stop Wasting Time Trying to find the perfect person Instead, Invest your time in becoming the best You, and the right person will come along very quickly.

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Best Wasting Time Quotes 2021

Wasting time quotes are for those who lack the energy to complete their tasks and pass their day with idleness and laziness. Such